Sinavung ka paru ninuy

Singer: Filomena Hubalde, Savidug, Sabtang

Sinavung ka paru ninuy? Manganak ka paru ninuy
si di chu ‘s makadidiwi si saluval ko du araw,
si di chu s’ di makadidiwi si puhaw ko du ahep,
si pinaysaysakung ko si ahed ni Saluwan,
si pinamalapa ko si pahung di idaud,
si pinaylumatas ko di suyat ni manawa
si turi a dimichimitan ni apuy ni anitu,
si turi a rayangirangan nu raya nu vinunu,
si turi a galitijitan ni sadag ni nadiman,
a hapan ko na siyay si angdet ko a panawdiyen?
Whose blossom is this? Whose child is this?
because of whom I do not mind distraction in the daytime,
because of whom I do not mind sleeplessness at night,
for whom I braved the waves of Saluwan,
for whom I have dared the breakers of the deep,
for whom I crossed evil fields
where blinks the fires of haunting ghosts,
where glows the blood of murdered men,
where grates the dead’s funeral carriage,
and where I take all my courage and put behind me?

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